Dress on demand

The next evolutionstep of fashion is
«Dress on Demand».

Fashion is a universal subject, a language understood and spoken by many. To be «fashionable“ has to be associated with wealth. Fashion is a truly universal and all-encompassing topic.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Everyone loves a bargain, but what’s the real prize of cheap clothes?

Severed limbs, cruel labour conditions and 1000 dead.»It’s price-profit».

The fashion industry churned out 100 billion pieces of clothing for 7 billion people per year. Some brands are burning unsold inventory. The waste has got to stop.

Nauka World Education shows you how to stop, and how we create millions of new jobs and a new world creative market of fashion.

Study Artificial Intelligence Fashion Design & Smart Production and finish it off with a bachelor’s degree .

You will be using 3D and Artificial Intelligence Computer Programs for Design and Production. Machines will produce your designed fashion, exactly in the size the buyers ask for, with many options for quality and colours.

Key point: Produced by order. Not earlier. PoD – Produced on Demand / Order. Dress on Demand

You study from home (online and augmented reality) and you will learn how to use all Design & Production machines remotely from your smartphone or computer.

From Education directly into fashion production. Learning by practicing it.

Our Dress on Demand Innovation & Production Parks is giving you the opportunity to used the machinery park for produce your unique fashion.

In our fashion catalogue or augmented virtual fashion show you can exibit your fashion to a global audience using our community brand.

5peppels couture

The fashion industry is like David against Goliath. The five smooth stones David had in his pouch represent what David carried in his heart:

Faith – Truth – Courage – Obedience and Praise.

One Million of Fashion Desingers from all over the world, produce one million different new unique fashion styles.

Students from all over the world need to be connected to each other in creative working chats and teamwork projects.

By a part of this MOVEMENT «Five – Peppels Couture» for wealth and good feeling.

We offer technical education for service of special machinery parks and Robotic Technology.
2 years education with Bachelor or Master degree.