Nauka center for Digital Production

Serves the research and further development of digital, intelligent or «smart» product development processes, which are nowadays referred to as Industry 4.0

Nauka CDP is a relevant and competent partner not only for education. It could be your partner in assisting you in the field of flexible manufacturing automation, machine-to-machine communication and production networks.

We have developed micro-computers with their own new language, what can work with artificial intelligence and software programs; the complete production process can be controled with a smartphone. We can call it smartphone production industry or, to put it simply, Industry 4.0.


The head

Responsible for the functioning and development of  staff training and responsible for the material supply of the department.

The technologist

Responsible for the functionatily of the machinery and the timely maintenance of the equipment responsible.

The engineer

Responsible for the safe operation, remote monitoring responsible, and realization of security checks.

The designer

Carries out the work after the project, planning and manufacturing the products from.

Goals and tasks

Our aim is to quickly produce the plant components required for the projects.

Contains the laboratories for quick creation of electronics, turning and milling work, the metrology group (measuring group), the group of three-dimensional printing and other tasks corresponding to other groups that are determined in the framework of the projects of the laboratory.

The existing equipment will be in the form of 4 production sections of turning and milling and one section of the three-dimensional construction and prototyping in operation tool.

Innovation camp

Shelves and cabinets for the storage of consumables. Hydraulic trolley, crane requests.

Work place of the warehouse manager.

Three-dimensional design and prototyping laboratory

Laboratory for construction of electronic devices

Choice of electronic components. Circuit board design.

Manufacture of printed circuit boards.

Hand soldering of components.

Automatic installation and soldering of small components.

Main facility:

2 soldering workstations with backlighting.

Laser for cutting circuit boards.

Samsung folding machine.

Oven for baking plates.


Computerized workstation for circuit board design

Measurement technology laboratory

Carrying out measurements

Main facility:

Coordinate measuring machine (KMM)

Space for laser trackers

various measuring devices for the purpose

Multi-axis machining laboratory

Multi-axial milling and turningMilling,

turning of parts with complex shapes

Processing of iron

Non-ferrous metals, wood Composites, plastics, etc.

Main facility:

5 axis milling machine

3 axis lathe

Laboratory for the manufacture of products from sheet materials

Sheet metal cutting according to drawing,scheme
Design of enclosures made of sheet metal products
Preparation of the bending metal scheme
Manufacture of flexible sheet metal products
Main facility:
Automated bending machine
Hand bending machine
Fiber optic laser machine tool

Welding laboratory

Argon arc welding

Spot welding

Main facility:

Welding machine 2 pc.

Welding table, vice

Protective means for working with welding equipment (Protective clothing)

Balloons with argonin addition, wardrobes, workbenches for tools

Casting laboratory

Pour into the ground

Production of metal blanks according to shapes

Main facility:

2 melting furnaces

Processing table


Protective work clothing

Floor storage boxes


Tool shelf

Composite laboratory

Project planning and calculation of the composite products

Manufacture of composite products

Main facility:

2 vacuum pumps

Extractor hood

Protective work clothing

Tool and consumption cupboards, fabric shelf

Welding laboratory

Welding work

Main facility:

Workbenches with hand tools

Protective coated tables for assembly

Wall shelves for the components

Laboratory for the manufacture of assembly batches of products

Manufacture of plastic parts for devices and systems

Main facility:

Injection molding machine

Shredding machine


Injection molding machine robot

Shelves for molds, supplies and tools

Surface treatment laboratory




Shot peening

Main facility:

Polishing machine

Grinding machine

Sandblasting machine

Shot peening chamber

Painting laboratory

Safe painting of products

Drying of products

Main facility:

2 painting chambers with water curtain



Spray guns and airbrushes

Drying cabinet