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Vladimir Moroz

Technical Director Innovation Center Dubna University & Innovation Center Joint Nuclear Institut & Malaga Innovation Center

we have a network of over 6000 scientists

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Innovation Center Dubna University

Innovation Center Joint Nuclear Institut

Innovation Center Parque Tecnológico Málaga

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The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is an international intergovernmental organization, a world-famous scientific centre that is a unique example of the integration of fundamental theoretical and experimental research with development and application of the cutting-edge technology and university education. The rating of JINR in the global scientific community is very high.

Intellect of Russia Corporation is the all-Russian national fund for breakthrough

innovative technologies, as well as an accelerator of strategic projects and social

initiatives aimed at a sustainable and advanced development of Russia.

30 December 2020 Congratulations on the coming New Year to all participants in the expert community of the Agency of Innovative Development, our partners and all participants in this innovative activity.

All-Union Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization was founded in 1930. It is the one of the most famous scientific institutions in Russia. The Institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and Red Banners for his services to the state and science.