World biggest art project

Don’t let your creativity go to waste

Creativity is a core element in Nauka World Education. Humanitarianism and environmentalism are also key to our organization. That is why we wish to celebrate an artistic event aimed to promote quite an innovative concept, filled with potential: Waste-to-Energy, also known as energy-from-waste.

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) is the process through which electric energy is created by the treatment or processing of waste that cannot be recycled in any other way. This means that refuse material that would otherwise end up in a dump, worsening waste accumulation, can now be treated so as to produce electrical energy, essential to nowadays society.

Nauka, greatly concerned with environmental protection, sees WtE processes as a fantastic opportunity to bring electricity into underprivileged communities, helping them improve their living standards exponentially.

That is why we are celebrating a creative and artistic contest to promote and bring the focus on the Waste-to-Energy concept.

The main element in our programme will involve used car tyre painting! Even though a car tyre may not sound as the ideal canvas, we believe quite the opposite.

The fact is that, since car tyres are not white, perfectly clean cloths, this will help those who join us to freely express themselves, fearless of “ruining” a clean canvas. We want to prove that something beautiful can be created from an old, seemingly useless object, making you feel a sense of achievement. (And if not, the blame is on the tyre, not on your artistic skills!)

The second reason why we want to use car tyres in our event is, of course, the promotion of WtE processes. The waste accumulation problem is worsened by the build-up of used car tyres in dumps. Consequently, Nauka wants to direct its efforts towards processing these refuse materials to produce and provide electricity to communities which are in need of such assistance, allowing them to raise their living standards.

The painting event will be followed by the judging of the artistic creations by a distinguished group of evaluators. The winner of the contest will win an attractive prize, whose nature will be revealed closer to the event date.

We welcome you to be part of this innovative artistic project, where you will have an opportunity to let your creativity flow. Don’t let it go to waste!